Sunday, June 7, 2015

Stinson Mountain

Along with slowly chipping away at the NH 48 4,000 footers, we are also working on the 52 with a view list.  Stinson is one of the mountains on that list.

This is a short hike covering only 4.2 miles RT with 1,425' of elevation gain.  As this was our first hike of the year, I expected the elevation would 'feel' more substantive but it didn't.  It was a great hike and one worth trying if you have limited time as it is a quick in and out.

 Here we are at the summit and I've climbed the steps of the fire tower.  I am turning the door knob but it appears to be locked (I guess you had to be there).

The views run nearly 180 degrees.

There is a small loop option that we took on the descent.  You can opt to come down the snowmobile trail which we did.  It is a bit more open and a bit muddier but still worth doing if for nothing more than the variety.


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