Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mt Hayes - Hazy Day On Hayes

This was day three of our five day hiking vacation in the Whites.  Today we planned a hike to Mt Hayes both for the views and because it is just off the AT where the Centennial and Mahoosuc Trails meet.  The latter was important in that we were also dropping off two friends who are thru hiking the AT.  We had helped them resupply in Gorham earlier in the morning and now they were returning to their AT journey (more about that in a post to come).

The trailheads for both the Centennial Trail and the Mahoosuc Trail are on the same dirt road which follows the Androscoggin River.  As far as I can tell, the only thing gained by using the Mahoosuc Trail is that you save about .8 of a mile of hiking.  After driving on the dusty, bumpy dirt road for 6.6 miles past the Centennial Trailhead, there is no doubt that we would have been better off using that slightly longer hiking route.  What we did gain by using the Mahoosuc Trail is peacefulness (and a dusty car).  We only saw one person for the entire hike.  He was on his way down the mountain, which we found interesting because there were no other cars parked near the trailhead.  We are not certain where he had came from or where he was going??

If you plan on using the Mahoosuc Trail, know that you should stop and park when you see the dam pictured below.  You will not yet have reached the trailhead but there is no parking at the actual trailhead.  You must park at the dam (only a .1-.2 mile walk to trailhead).

This signage is both interesting and confusing.  The sign for the AMC Trail which points right is especially confusing.  As far as I can tell there are no trails in that direction.  I took this photo while standing at the trailhead looking across the road.  In any case, look for the trailhead sign shown in the photo below and you will be in the proper location.

An interesting fungus growing from the trunk of a birch tree.

We've reached the ledges and are enjoying the views.  It was hot again today so the photos are hazy.

 The right edge of this shot is looking right down the heart of Pinkham Notch (Rte 16).  The ledges generally face in this direction.

All in all this was a nice hike with great views that I would recommend to others if you are in the area and are looking for something easy with a nice reward.


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