Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mt Major - Quick Afternoon Excercise

We decided to do a quick run up to Mt Major for a little afternoon exercise.  The beauty of Mt Major is that it is close to our home (45 mins.) and the views are amazing for a hike that is a mere two-hr round trip.  The negative of this hike is that it can be very overcrowded and misused as many of the hikers are not practicing "leave no trace" principals.  That said, it was heartening to see the moms and families with very young children doing this hike.  Any time we can teach the next generation about nature and its beauty there is value.

I probably should have stayed home today.  All was going well until we were nearly back at the car and I suddenly slipped on a rock and sprained an Achilles tendon on my left side.  It bothered me enough that we took about 10-days off from hiking.  Oh well...

Just a couple of photos:

Rattlesnake Island - Very clear how it got its name.


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