Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mt Flume - With Calm Winds

The summit of Mt Flume is known for its winds but not so today.  The skies were clear and the wind almost non-existent.

This was a RT of 11.2 miles with 3,150 of elevation change using the Lincoln Woods - Osseo - Franconia Ridge Trails.  The first 1.4 miles on the Lincoln Woods Trails is essentially flat but it still took us about 7 1/4 hrs to finish this in and out hike.  I was a huffin' and a puffin' on the way up today and just about anyone hiking Osseo was passing us.

Before reaching the summit there was only one material viewpoint but both it and the summit views were stunning (a word I seem to use often when describing views). Here are a few photos.

We begin on the footbridge at Lincoln Woods.

We've walked the first 1.4 miles on the Lincoln Woods Trail and now will begin our trek up the Osseo Trail.

This section had an extensive network of roots along the trail.

A selfie with views over the Pemmigewasset Wildernesss from our first substantive viewpoint on the ascent.  The guy wearing the buff needs a makeover!

We are at the summit and this young couple yearned for a cairn and there wasn't one so they constructed a mini version.

From the actual summit looking back across the Franconia Ridge Trail that we just crossed.

Difficult to depict but the Flume Visitors Center is near the center of this shot.

Over my right shoulder is the summit of Mt Liberty.  Many hikers do Flume & Liberty together but we've done Liberty in the past so our plan is just an in and out hike of Flume.

Lincoln/Lafayette in the distance.

I've begun the descent for a short distance across the ridge and this is a photo looking back at Sue at the summit.

A perfect butterfly.

There is a seemingly endless set of ladders on the Osseo Trail.

One last photo from the ridge before we descend back into the woods.


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