Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mount Cube - No Thru-Hikers On The AT Today

Though it was mid-week, I think the Mount Cube Trail up to the summit is generally a very quiet trail.  On this trip we did not see another human being until 10 minutes before we finished this 6-hour trek.  Short of that it was just Sue and me the entire time.

My GPS had the distance traveled at 7.9 miles which is about .5 miles longer than what we found when researching this hike.  I am not certain which is correct.  The elevation change recorded by my GPS was 2,300' (our research found sites listing it as 2,000, 2,100 & 2,300).  The trail head leaves from NH 25A about 4.6 miles from the junction of NH 25.  There is limited roadside parking (eight cars maybe).

The Mount Cube trail makes up a portion of the Appalachian Trail (AT).  Mount Cube actually has two distinct peaks and the AT crosses South Peak.  On South Peak there are 180 degree views that are generally looking South-Southwest.  A short .4 of a mile hike will bring you to the North Peak.  Once again there are 180 degree views but this time you are looking North-Northeast.  Both outlooks are distinct and beautiful so be certain to reach them both.

 If I am not mistaken, the 3.4 miles shown on this sign only covers the distance to the point where you can turn left to reach the South Peak (~.2 RT).  Take a right at that junction instead and you are taken to the North Peak (~.6 RT).  As I noted earlier, this differs from the total distance of 7.9 miles recorded by my GPS.

Reasonably early on we reached this old and overgrown foundation.

It appears these may have been the steps into the 'basement.'

Pretty color and detail on this flower!

A water crossing and the trail heading off on the other side framed by two trees.

Look closely at the root system of this tree.  There is a rock under it which is why it grew as it did but I was still amazed at the size of the root section Sue is leaning against.

This photo and the next two are from the South Peak of Mount Cube.


This photo and the next two are from the North Peak of Mount Cube.

I believe that is Mt Moosilauke off in the distance directly behind the pond.

One last photo of flowers before we finish.


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