Saturday, November 2, 2013

2013.11.02 Mt Shaw-Black Snout-Big Ball - A Stunning Fall Day

This is another case where I did not make hand written notes of our hike and my memory of the details is limited.  I am writing this blog post months later (that's my first excuse).  I'll be 60 years old in 90 days (that's my second excuse).  Is age the issue? 

I do however remember a few things.  First, it was a stunning early November day in NH.  Second, the views were beautiful (now there's a profound statement about a hike in NH).  Third, we did the loop in a clockwise direction using the Mount Shaw trail to first summit yep, you guessed it, Mount Shaw.  We then headed to Black Snout and when we left Black Snout we headed towards Big Ball on the "Blue-Blazed Trail" (such a creative name).  In the early parts of the latter trail I thought we were bushwacking!  It did open up after a time but early only it was rather primitive.

Our total trip was somewhere in the vicinity of 6.5-miles with 2,320' of cumulative elevation gain.  Here is an elevation plot from my GPS:

Now on to some photos:

So who built this pyramid?  The Aztecs?

Looking back at Mount Shaw from some ledges.

All in all a beautiful hike that I would choose to do again.


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