Saturday, September 21, 2013

2013.09.21 Galehead Mtn - No Longer A Purist; For Certain!

A couple of years ago, some months after I first started hiking, I had my sights set on hiking the 48 4ks in NH in a purist fashion.  That is, I would only hike one 4k summit for each outing requiring that I later return to hike what might be other nearby 4k summits. No peak bagging for me.  How naive.

Once I learned more about hiking in general and about remote hikes like the Bonds (which I've not yet done), this purist approach seemed, well, stupid. Not to mention the fact that being the Mr. & Mrs. Slowsky of the hiking community would make fulfilling our purist approach pretty much impossible.  For clarity, Mrs. Slowsky is only slow because of Mr. Slowsky.  

By the time we hiked Galehead I had long ago given up on my purist approach but I actually had not fully admitted it to myself.  This hike sealed the deal.

About two years ago we had hiked South Twin using the Gale River Trail.  Today we hiked Galehead Mountain using that same trail.  This is is a reasonably long hike at 10.6 miles.  From the Galehead Hut, the front porch of which we had sat on two years ago while doing South Twin, it is less than a half mile to the summit of Galehead.  Really?  I hiked that same 10 miles to again reach this same point all in the name of being a purist!  Would it not have made vastly more sense to summit Galehead while doing South Twin.  Duh...

It was a stunning day.  Note the AMC's Galehead Hut in the distance.

 Doesn't Lebron James wear a headband like this?  And, doesn't he also sweat?

A veteran's memorial that had been placed on the summit cairn.


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