Sunday, August 18, 2013

2013.08.18 Bar Harbor, Maine - Key Decisions In Life

My posts on this blog are most often only about hiking, in particular in the White Mountains of NH.  In this case however this trip was not solely about hiking and, instead of the White Mountains, we spent our time in beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine.  We worked, biked, hiked and did some whale watching.  I love this place!

We stayed at the new and spectacular West Street Hotel in the center of Bar Harbor.  It is a beautiful but $$$$$$ venue (can I use six dollar signs?). When I return to Bar Harbor I would be hard pressed to stay anywhere else.

Our trip started with two days of business meetings.  Our company's small senior management team (only 3 of us) decided in these meetings that everything was in place and that I could finally make one of the key decisions in my life - to semi-retire.  I had longed for this day.  I had arguably been a workaholic for decades and that was about to change.  YEE HA!

After our meetings we had a few days to relax and take in the beauty of Bar Harbor with our spouses.  We started with a 25 mile bike ride on the carriage roads of Acadia National Park:

We then did a hike to the summit of Cadillac Mountain.  Let me start with just one photo from the top of Cadillac that is a bit special. 

So you might be saying to yourself, "Ray, that's nice but why is this photo so special?"  Well, pay close attention to the island that you can only see a portion of in the distance on the left hand edge of the picture above.  Now carefully look at the very next picture below.

Exactly seven days later my oldest son Addison and his beautiful wife Isabeau stood in nearly the same spot and became man & wife (note the same island in this photo).  Their marriage was a "planned elopement" so we were not actually there but, it is eerie that unbeknownst to us we had stood in nearly the same spot just a few days earlier.  We knew months in advance that they were going to elope.  That is merely how they decided to get married so the focus would be on each other instead of all of the guests.  There was so much less pressure and planning!

So, lets go back to a few photos from our hike of Cadillac Mountain.

The day following this hike we capped off our stay in Bar Harbor with a whale watch.  It was so very cool!  I have three dozen photos but here are just a few of the best.

Look very carefully a this shot.  That is a mother and her calf breaching side by side.  It is very clear in the original but may not be readily apparent in this downsized photo.

A truly fitting end to a beautiful stay.  As we cruised back from our whale watch we watched the sunset over the town of Bar Harbor.  


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