Sunday, July 14, 2013

2013.07.14 Doublehead Mtn - NOT Double The Pleasure

This was a hot and stiflingly humid day (phew, that is hard to say).  Bad omen #1.  We planned to use the Crawford-Ridgepole Trail off of Sandwich Notch Road for this hike.  When we arrived at the trail head there was room for two cars total and both would need to park in a muddy hole of a "parking area" (a.k.a. a wider spot in the road).  Bad omen #2.  As small as the parking area was, there was more than enough room for all the hikers on this trail today (us).  Bad omen #3.  This was supposed to be a 900' elevation gain across 2 miles to reach Doublehead Mtn.  We would then have minor elevations changes crossing the ridge over an additional distance of 2.5 miles to reach Mt Squam and Mt Percival; at least that was our plan.

What we did not know was that the 900' of elevation gain would come all at once, and right from the start.  Bad omen #4.  We also found that the only thing hiking this trail for the past year or so were squirrels, deer and moose.  Bad omen #5.  Am I being overly critical?

Bottom line is that we reached the limited view on Doublehead and decided we had had enough.  We grabbed lunch and headed back down.  The additional 5 miles RT to reach Percival just was not in the cards today.

 The gates of hell (ok, there I go being critical again)

 I've never seen one of these on a hike before...

 A 'beautiful' snake.  Is there such a thing?


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