Sunday, July 28, 2013

2013.07.28 No. & So. Doublehead - Three Doubleheads In 2-Wks

Two weeks ago we hiked Doublehead Mtn, not to be confused with North & South Doublehead which I hiked alone this weekend.  Sue was under the weather and I wanted to hike, so off I went.

There was only room for 4-5 cars to park and it was full but I squeezed in by using a ditch (nice to have an AWD vehicle).  I followed the Doublehead Ski Trail (a real backcountry ski trail in the winter) to reach the summit of North Doublehead.  I then followed the ridge to South Doublehead and backtracked some to reach the Old Path Trail for a portion of my return.  The Old Path Trail was very steep so I am glad I decided to descend in this direction.

Descending the col from North to South Doublehead was also very step.  And, according to some hikers I met and chatted with who had come up via the New Path trail, that is also very challenging and steep.

For those making this hike there are two things you should know.  There is a cabin at the summit of North Doublehead and had I not bumped into someone nearby I would never have known that there is a second and better view just a short distance behind the cabin.  Also note that there is a privy at the back of the cabin.  Hmm...doesn't the smell get into the cabin?

All in all this was a great hike.  Though only 3.7 miles in length, there are sufficient challenges in the nearly 1,600 foot elevation gain to make this a good workout.  Now some pics:

 If you decide to use this ski trail in the winter, don't use your new, finely tuned skis unless there is really substantive snow cover!

 No lifts on this ski trail.  At least that means no lift lines!

Yes, you can rent this baby for a mere $20/night.  What a great deal.  See details below.

Note the dragonflies in this shot.  One of them hung around for a few more of the photos below.  What a publicity seeker.

Look closely, my dragonfly friend is in the upper right coming towards me.

My dragonfly friend is back again.

The cairn at South Doublehead.

Standing on South Doublehead looking back at the North summit.

 Based on the condition of this sign, is "New" Path really all that new?


Sunday, July 21, 2013

2013.07.21 Mt Cardigan - My Bad

I keep GPS details and hand written notes as well as trail maps on all our hikes.  Not so for this hike of Mt Cardigan - my bad.  So, writing this blog post some 10-months later with nothing but a few pictures from the summit to remind me will make for a short blog.  I do recall that there was a long section of ledge scrambling, something which I don't care for all that much.  Or, should I say, my body does not care for it.  In any case, here a just a few photos from the very popular summit.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

2013.07.14 Doublehead Mtn - NOT Double The Pleasure

This was a hot and stiflingly humid day (phew, that is hard to say).  Bad omen #1.  We planned to use the Crawford-Ridgepole Trail off of Sandwich Notch Road for this hike.  When we arrived at the trail head there was room for two cars total and both would need to park in a muddy hole of a "parking area" (a.k.a. a wider spot in the road).  Bad omen #2.  As small as the parking area was, there was more than enough room for all the hikers on this trail today (us).  Bad omen #3.  This was supposed to be a 900' elevation gain across 2 miles to reach Doublehead Mtn.  We would then have minor elevations changes crossing the ridge over an additional distance of 2.5 miles to reach Mt Squam and Mt Percival; at least that was our plan.

What we did not know was that the 900' of elevation gain would come all at once, and right from the start.  Bad omen #4.  We also found that the only thing hiking this trail for the past year or so were squirrels, deer and moose.  Bad omen #5.  Am I being overly critical?

Bottom line is that we reached the limited view on Doublehead and decided we had had enough.  We grabbed lunch and headed back down.  The additional 5 miles RT to reach Percival just was not in the cards today.

 The gates of hell (ok, there I go being critical again)

 I've never seen one of these on a hike before...

 A 'beautiful' snake.  Is there such a thing?


Friday, July 5, 2013

2013.07.05 Bridal Veil Falls - A Walk In The Woods

This "hike" to Bridal Veil Falls is really a walk in the woods.  You might even be able to make it comfortably in a wedding dress. :-)  The total round trip to the falls is 5-miles using the Coppermine Trail.  This trip has only 930 feet of elevation gain so it is very popular with families and non-hikers.  Here are just a handful of photos:

It was a hot day and I was enjoying a rest on the cool rocks.