Thursday, June 27, 2013

2013.06.27 Square Ledge - An Appropriate Name

This is an 8.5 mile hike with a partial loop using the Oliverian Brook trail on the way up and the Passaconoway Cutoff trail on the return.  The elevation gain is only about 1,300 feet but I think 1,299 of those come all at once.  The Oliverian Brook trail is not very well traveled and, as you'll see below, has some bog bridges that are in dire shape.  Bring your balance beam skills!

My wife thinks I came close to death on this hike.  I was still having breathing problems (see blog post The Lost Year) and this hike was a real struggle for me.  The last mile or so up to the very limited view was, to my thinking, rather steep and I simply could not catch my breath.  My wife says I became very ashen and she was increasingly concerned.  In the end, I survived.  Does that make her happy or sad?  :-)

If like me you want the reward of a view during your hikes, I will say that this hike was generally speaking not worth the effort.  Square Ledge has very limited views.  The views of the ledge itself on the climb are beautiful though.

The NH State wildflower - Lady Slipper

 Ever wonder why you are told to bring an extra pair of hiking socks on every trip?  Have you carried them for months or even years and never needed them?  Well, on occassion things like this will happen.  Sue was very glad she had a extra pair of dry, clean socks. Yes, those bog bridges need some maintenance.  Sue stepped on one bridge not realizing that it was completely broken and down into the bog she went.

 The face of this ledge was beautiful to say the least!


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