Saturday, June 1, 2013

2013 - The Lost Year

Beginning in September of 2012 this blog turned cold.  From that point on for what turned out to be in excess of 9 months our hiking adventures were dramatically impacted by my inability to breath when climbing.  Breathing, who needs it?  I say its overrated.  I've been an asthmatic all my life and, shall we say 'portly', so I always huff and puff my way up a mountain but this was different.  No amount of huffing and puffing and wheezing would satisfy my need for oxygen.

There were months of tests and specialists and what seemed likely weekly medical visits of one sort or another.  I had even tried somewhat alternative treatments like chiropractic care, weekly massage therapy and even dozens of acupuncture visits.  At last my primary care provider stumbled upon the cause.  

Turns our I was reacting to a blood pressure medicine that I've been on for some years. Therein lies the difficulty in diagnosing this problem, a long period of using that drug without issue so why the negative reaction now?  We'll probably never know.  The good news is that once my scrip was changed to a different drug, I almost immediately began feeling better.

So, we plodded along in 2013 doing a few hikes but I did not do anything substantive until September (a year after my issues began).  I even lost the enthusiasm for keeping up this blog over that entire period.

We are now back at it for 2014 though so I will post all of our 2013 hikes in a brief form (short description and just a couple of pics) but then begin blogging all of our new trips going forward.

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