Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2012.07.24 Middle & North Sugarloaf - Better With Friends!

I'll begin by saying that I am woefully late in creating this post!  I have no idea why....

This was to be the first of two days of hiking with some dear friends, let me restate that, our VERY BEST friends Rick and Janet.  Sadly Rick and Janet live in NC, having moved there many years ago from NH.  It's probably best.  Had they stayed in NH I would, without a doubt, be a "Gold Member" of AA by now. 

Rick and Janet were back in New England to attend a wedding in MA and while in the area they decided to spend a few days in the White Mountains to celebrate their 30th anniversary.  Of course we all couldn't resist the chance to hike together.  It only made sense, after all, last year Sue and I were in Charlotte, NC and while there we visited Rick and Janet and took a day hike to Crowders Mountain; the one and only substantive mountain in Charlotte.

We are trying to convince Rick and Janet to join us in 2014 on a hiking adventure in New Zealand.  So far they have not agreed but, I am hoping this 'pubic' pressure will coerce them to join us!!  A special note to Rick & Janet:  "If you don't go first class, your children will."

Back to our two days of hiking.  This first hike was a bit of a warm up with our schedule only allowing for a quick afternoon jaunt to Middle and North Sugarloaf.  Though we had already done this two summit hike in May of this year (view prior post), it made sense to do it again today because it fit our location and our schedule and, no small point, the reward is fantastic for such a reasonable effort.

Now on to some photos:

The INFAMOUS Rick and Janet with whom we were hiking today.  All these years in NC and their NH accents have not been lost!  :-)

Are the rocks in NC this big?

Rick pauses mid-trail and thinks to himself....
"I am here for my damn anniversary and to relax and enjoy the beauty of the mountains.  I really did not want to climb a mountain, I just wanted to "see" the mountains..."

We reach the first of two summits.  The low and threatening clouds make for an eerie feeling.

30 years of marital bliss!

The sun's rays peer through the clouds.  Beautiful.

Janet takes a picture of me taking a picture of her OR; am I taking a picture of her taking a picture of me.  Such complex questions.

As far as I am concerned, this is one of the best short hikes in the Whites.  Only a little over 1,000 feet of elevation gain and slightly over a 4-mile round trip yet such great views from each summit.  And, it was made all the better by having our very dear friends join us.

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