Sunday, July 8, 2012

2012.07.08 Mt Moriah - More (For Your) Eyes Ahh

Wow!  This is a stunning hike that I knew nothing about and hadn't even recalled that it was on the NH 4,000 footer list.  It was only when some friends mentioned its beauty after hiking it a week earlier that I researched Mt. Moriah.  We then decided we should give it a try.

This moutain is about 4,050' in elevation and the total elevation gain during our hike was 3,223' according to my GPS.  The total distance covered is about 9.8 miles when using the Stony Brook trail in and out.  The Stony Brook trail head is located a few miles North of the Mt Washington Auto Road entrance off of Route 16.  Some groups at the summit had taken the Stony Brook trail in and were planning on taking the Carter-Moriah trail out.  The latter route would require a segment of roadside hiking so we had not even considered it.

The summit is a tiny little knob that can barely fit 8-10 people.  What makes this mountain different than many others is that there are several open ledges during the ascent that provide stunning views.  Even more interesting is that the fact that you reach one ledge and are looking South.  Press on to the next ledge and the views are primarily to the West.  Move to the next ledge and your views might be more Northerly.  Each view was different than the last.  Moving on to some photos:

From the trail head it would be 3.5 miles to the intersection of the Carter-Moriah trail and then another 1.4 miles to to the summit of Mt. Moriah.

This is a map of the route we took.

An elevation plot from my GPS.  The 'point' at the very top is real.  The last .1 mile was straight up the nub which creates the rather small summit.

A mini flume...

This is a 'mossy' rock.  Our namesake I guess (some of you who know us will 'get' this reference).

The golden mushroom.  Anyone remember my prior blog post from last year about the golden mushroom?

This is but one of the many frogs we saw along the trail in the lower elevations of this hike.  He (she) did a great job of blending into the background.

Two vegetation shots of the week.  The golden mushroom above and this pretty flower.

Our first view of where we are headed.

Our first substantive views from the initial ledges we reached.

Some of the ledges are a bit steep and it takes some confidence (and good boots) to just drive forward aggressively climb the stone.

The summit marker.  I was 4-years old when this was place here.

This shot and the next few are from the summit.

The "big one" in the upper left portion is Mt. Washington.

Along this hike there were a number of raised plank bridges to protect the sensitive vegetation. 

All in all this hike of Mt. Moriah would be one of the first on my list of 'repeat' hikes.


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