Saturday, June 16, 2012

2012.06.19 Mt Passaconaway via Dicey's Mill Trail

This week our hike was to the summit of Mt. Passaconaway which is located in the Sandwich Wilderness Range.  This mountain rings in at about 4,100'.  That means we are able to check off another 4,000 footer off of our list.  This hike runs about 9.3 miles long and we added another 1/2 mile to that in pursuit of an outlook near the summit; though we never made it to that particular viewpoint.  According to the White Mountain Guide, the route we selected has  a total elevation gain of 3,125 feet.  Based on my heart rate during this climb I would say this sounds about right.  This was our route:

There are a number of ways to reach the summit of Mt. Passaconaway and our route today was up the Dicey's Mill Trail.  The hike begins in a unique way with hikers being required to park about half a mile or more from the actual trailhead.  You walk along a dirt road and across a long private drive to begin the hike.  A huge THANKS to all of the private land owners who allow hikers to cross their properties in order to reach the trail.

More of the story follows with the pics below:

Our vegetation shot of the week was this beautiful wildflower with the morning sun shining on it. 

Here we pass around a fence which stops vehicles from accessing the private drive to the house in the distance.  This is one of several homeowners who allow the hikers to cross their properties to reach the trail. 

Here the Blueberry Ridge Trail turns left and has a nice bridge crossing the river.  This is not the trail we took but, we did pause the take a few photos at this river crossing.  The next few shots are from the bridge above. 


Sue sizes up this little pebble along our path. 

I was struck by the odd almost eerie look of this area we passed. 

There were four viewpoints we passed on our trip.  We accessed 3 of those viewpoints but the fourth, which we did begin to head towards, would have added another mile to our trip so we scrapped it part way through.  For some reason many of the photos I took today were awful and the shot above was the only usable one.  I suspect something is going wrong with my camera as the photos were pretty much white (washed out).

I found this trail sign at one of the intersections we reached to be rather hilarious.  Read it closely.

A great hike on a perfect mid-70's degree day.  It doesn't get much better than this.


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