Sunday, May 6, 2012

2012.05.06 Mt Roberts - Our Warm Up Hike

We had such great plans to hike some or all of this past winter (Training for Winter Hiking). It was to be our first ever winter of hiking but, it was simply not to be.  I could post pages and pages of excuses but they would be just that; excuses.  I can only hope to have better success next winter.

Even getting started this spring has been full of fits and starts but today we finally made our first hike of 2012.  I am shocked that we went five full months without hiking.  Today was such a pleasure though. 

Its funny.  Much like our plan to hike this winter, getting our hikes started this spring has been a struggle.  I'll tell just one story to help frame what it has been like to begin hiking over the past few weeks.

We had a plan and we were fully ready to make this short hike of Mt. Roberts on Saturday (yesterday).  Our packs were full, trekking poles and boots in the car, gorp mixed, snacks packed away.  We were ready!  Only one problem though, when we got up Saturday morning Sue was stoned. Well, not exactly, but she was loopy.  You see, she has been having a bit of an issue with psoriasis so in the middle of the night she woke up itchy and got out of bed to take an antihistamine pill.  In the dark of the night though, and still half asleep, she took a Valium (or something similar) instead.  She had one pill left over from a planned dental procedure a few months ago because she gets very anxious before seeing the dentist so she takes something to relax. Saturday morning she was in no shape to hike. :-)

It turns out Sunday was a gorgeous day so it worked for the best. I won't get into too many details about this hike as you can see my prior post for that.  I will say though that this is a quick yet beautiful hike.  We made it to the summit in one hour and 35 minutes -- and remember, we are the Mr. and Mrs. Slowsky of the hiking world. The total round trip was about 3:15.

Our progress was helped along by the black flies. Ahh yes... May in NH. Each time we stopped for a breather we were swarmed within seconds. Those conditions improve your hike times!  I've only included a few pictures below as most of the views and outlooks were identical to how they looked when we last accomplished this hike in October of last year (Mt Roberts - A Beautiful Baby).  At that time all of the leaves had fallen and for this hike the trees were barely budding and were still barren so the pics would be near duplicates.

For those of you familiar with my hiking blog, you know that I always like to include at least one photo of vegetation.  This week it is these new leaves.  If you look closely you'll see the 'fuzz'.  Electrolysis for trees could be a lucrative business on this mountain.

Picture in picture I guess. 

 Look very closely in the distance and you will see snow on Mt. Washington.

Yes, I was really there.



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