Saturday, August 27, 2011

Darn Irene

First a qualifier.  No Mom, I am not talking about you.  It's that darn hurricane Irene.

We had a 4-day getaway planned and booked in the White Mountains for this weekend to celebrate my birthday and, of all things to say on a hiking blog, we planned to do some hiking.  I had Jefferson, Madison and Adams in my sites using two separate hikes.  But, I guess it's not to be.

The likely arrival of Irene on Sunday caused us to push our trip out for two weeks. Kudos to the Mountain View Grand (one of my favorite venues in the Whites) for allowing us to change our reservation at the last minute without any additional charges.

We instead planned to hike Mt. Monroe on Saturday as a normal day hike.  I took the day off on Friday (because of the aforementioned special day!) and went shopping for hiking gear at EMS and Kittery Trading Post.  Sue has been needing a larger pack and we spent at least an hour trying various packs at EMS to find that perfect fit.  You hikers will know what I mean when I express how important it is to have the perfect fit on a pack.  After all that effort Sue found just the right pack, an Osprey Atmos 50 but, they only had it in mustard color and that would be a hiking fashion faux pas.  So, she later ordered it on-line.  Shame on EMS for only having it in one color but congrats to them for really taking some one on one time with us to get that perfect fit.  Even on-line they only offered it in mustard - why one must ask.

Alas, here it is Saturday morning and now even our Monroe day hike is now cancelled.  Why?

On Thursday I ordered a generator in anticipation of power outages becoming prevalent after Irene rides up the east coast.  I've been wanting a generator for years and it always seems that after a storm passes and the power returns, somehow it drops on my priority list and then never gets done.  Not this time.  Though admittedly I am a little late in the game again.

When I placed the order on Thursday the generator I selected was already "on a truck in New Jersey and it was headed this way."  Friday came and went and the generator did not arrive.  So, instead of hiking Monroe on Saturday I will be waiting around the house for a call from the store to let me know my generator has arrived.  At least I hope to get that call.  If I miss my hike and the generator does not arrive, now that will be a double whammy...

The latest update:  Just learned that both the Appalachain Mountain Club hut system (AMC Closes) and the White Mountain National Forest (WMNF Closes) are closing due to the storms.


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